We Are Imperial Recycling

A leading waste management company, committed to transform waste to growth possibilities

Our Purpose & Values

We envision a waste-free future – a world where wastes become resources and sustainable systems bring value to businesses, institutions, and communities, enhancing environment and quality of life.

In 2013, we decided to start the company with dedication and passion to achieve our vision.
We are recycling company dealing with various forms of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper and plastics. Our main goal is zero waste. In that regard, we collect scrap metal, paper, and plastic and process them directly or indirectly. We want to be at the forefront of the industry for innovation and integrity.

  • Substantial ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper and plastic recycling activities
  • Ethical and responsible work culture
  • Maximizing recycling rates
  • Working towards zero waste
  • Premium quality recycled products
  • Local support on a global level

What We Believe

We think that the work is "genuine" only if it provides motivation to express your personality in what you are doing. Our most valuable asset is our people. The quality of our products is determined by people, with their strengths and weaknesses and not by machines or systems.
Always attentive to the competitiveness and rational management of our costs, we do not yield to the temptations of offers excessively cheap if those who offer does not guarantee the absolute compliance with these requirements.
Morality and ethics are important: we periodically verify that all the stake holders with whom we collaborate including our suppliers, our customers and our employees, observe scrupulously the environmental, tax and social security regulations.
Yes, we are proud of. Because for us to talk about ethics means to engage constantly in a coherent and global way. Means to embrace a vision but most of all act without compromise.
People Strong
MWH of Energy Saved
Barrels of Oil Saved
Cubic Metres of Landfill Space Saved
Liters of Water Saved
Trees Saved

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